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St Nicholas' Primary School - Bearsden

Recently we were contracted by Morgan Sindall, a leading UK construction and regeneration group, to carry out decorating works in Bearsden’s St. Nicholas’ Primary School. Contracted to carry out our trademark high-quality services in a fixed window of time, we provided a comprehensive interior decorating service that seen us enhance various parts of the school to give it a premium finish throughout that’s fitting of the surrounding cordial community.

With our client being deeply safety-orientated we were contracted to provide our specialist AMES taping service throughout the building to reinforce the plasterboard, ensuring it exceeded standard smoke and fire safety regulations. Our experience in this service allowed us to seamless transition into continuing the rest of our work throughout the building with little disruptions; with our team painting the walls with a primary colour of white while using a series of pastel secondary colours to promote a clean, vibrant image throughout the school.

We continued our use of primarily white in the gym too, identifying that using this colour would be optimal for allowing the light coming through the large windows to refract off the walls to give the gym a more open-air feel that paid dividends to the already-stellar design. Our creative decorating team were also responsible for stencilling and expertly painting on the school’s crest onto the walls in some areas of the school; surrounding them with a smooth turquoise-coloured strip to give off an imposing banner-like visual effect.

We completed our works on St. Nicholas’ Primary School by decorating the external wooden cladding seen surrounding the upper half of the building with a bold slate grey to complement the existing brickwork below. With the external cladding decorated we were proud to present our finished project to our clients a week ahead of schedule.

Collectively, our works throughout the school seen us produce a clean, sharp and modern image that both the local council and our clients at Morgan Sindall were exceedingly pleased with; so much so that we earned Morgan Sindall’s coveted ‘Perfect Delivery’ achievement which recognises outstanding customer service and expert craftsmanship.

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