Ames Taping

Our multi skilled team of decorators are specialists in the complex process known as AMES Taping.

While many people may misconceive AMES Taping as plastering due to the distinct similarities between the two, an imperative difference is that Ames Taping only covers the joints of plasterboard, not the whole wall. Aside from cosmetic reasons, utilising AMES Taping in a property enhances fire and smoke protection and is standard practice for the majority of new builds.

Our AMES Taping service is ideal for those in Scotland and the United Kingdom’s property development markets. This cost effective, seamless finishing method dries significantly quicker than plastering and by utilising it you can guarantee a swifter turnaround time, thus allowing you to get your property finished ahead of schedule. Spectrum’s AMES Taping service is also fantastic for home owners, builders, architects and painters and we have worked with many in the past who have been more than impressed by our unrivalled craftsmanship and professionalism.

At Spectrum we hold this particular service in high regard and cannot stress enough how important it is that those looking for AMES Taping choose their decorators with caution. While cheap labour may be cost effective initially, a poor AMES taping job can result in a series of decorating nightmares further down the line and can ultimately run up costs if irrevocable damage is caused.

Our experience and trustworthiness in this vital process can be displayed by our impressive list of accreditations such as our membership within the Federation of Master Builders and approval from SafeContractor and once you get to meet our team, we’re sure you’ll be equally impressed by our advanced knowledge of the process.

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AMES Taping

AMES Taping

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