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St Marys Primary School - Hamilton

Among the many multifaceted projects that we’ve carried out in recent years, our work at St Mary’s Primary School is perhaps one of the greatest example of the diverse range of decorating skills at our expert team’s disposal. A complete redesign of the school seen us utilise a range of vibrant colour schemes and wall art to enhance the school’s premium image while still making it increasingly appealing to the children and teachers alike.

Throughout the school our team of experienced AMES taping specialists carefully remastered the plasterboard to ensure all necessary areas of the school exceeded fire and smoke protection regulations. Alongside the protective measures, our use of AMES taping allowed us to increase our workflow by mitigating drying times, thus speeding up the overall completion of the project exponentially.

Afterwards, with the aim of animating the school’s decor to give it a more tangible, populous feel we used a series of eye-catching stencils relevant to each room. With a comprehensive understanding of the school’s unique requirements we ensured all of the stencils used were thematically suitable; using physical education related stencils in the gym, interactive measurement stencils such as those seen in the classrooms, and musical stencils seen at either side of school’s stage - which often houses the fantastic choir of St Mary’s. Alongside the stencils we also finalised the building with decals of the school’s iconic crest on the entrance doors to further establish St Mary’s professional, cosmopolitan image.

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