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Perth Train Station - First Class Lounges

Having carried out work for train stations in the past to excellent effect, we were recently commissioned by Perth Train Station to provide redecoration works for their first class lounges, main entrance and exterior fire escape. With each area varying in welfare, our team of experienced decorators established a detailed plan on how to carry out our works while minimising overall disruptions to staff and commuters; allowing us to complete the project within an impressive timescale.

Upon our initial visit to Perth Train Station our team identified the to-be first class lounges as rooms that were in drastic need of attention due to the state of disrepair in each of them. With peeling paint, damaged walls, cracked window frames and a whole load of junk in the way, Spectrum were quick to clear the area so we could begin sanding the walls to a smooth finish in preparation for painting and decorating. Afterwards, we painted over the present woodwork with a clean, yet imposing white while decorating the remainder of the walls with a premium wallpaper that featured a horizontal wood grain effect. In the other first class lounges, as well as the presentation room, we deviated from this colour scheme slightly in favour of using an elegant off-white paint which more adequately complemented the furnishing while also paying dividends to the historic feel of the train station as a whole.

Similar to the lounges, the corridors were also in a considerable state of disrepair and required extensive preparation before being ready for decoration. After preparing the narrow, meandering corridors for decoration we used the same wood grain wallpaper seen in the first class lounge to promote an image of consistency throughout the building. Sprucing up the doors, skirting and ceiling with a new coat of white paint, we allowed the wallpaper to take centre stage and with that, created a unique, homely feel throughout.

As well as out interior work, we were also commissioned to redecorate the train station’s main entrance and fire escape. We quickly agreed that using a complementary colour scheme was best to ensure we were not taking attention away from the building’s imposing, historical masonry work and with that in mind we identified a simple, yet effective combination of white with a rustic orange as being the best colour scheme to use and, as seen in the images, this integrated with the building to amazing effect.

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