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National Portrait Gallery - Edinburgh

Scotland’s national portrait gallery stands as a beacon of Scottish history, giving natives and tourists alike a glimpse at the people who’ve shaped the country’s vibrant history over the centuries. We were tasked by the gallery to redecorate their iconic neo-gothic building to usher it in to the new modern era. With the incorporation of a series of contemporary design schemes we were able to redecorate the gallery in a fashion that both paid respect to the historic features, and enhanced them.

Our extensive experience working on buildings of a historic nature allowed us to quickly identify the best plan of action to carry out this job within our 1 year deadline. Starting with the lavish interior we worked our way throughout the array of challenging rooms, decorating on and around the impressive architectural features which demanded close attention to detail - such as the cross-hatched ceilings and skylights seen throughout the building. Where applicable we also paid particular respect to the already stellar masonry present inside the building; implementing a seamless blend of old and new to create a contemporary feel that’s characteristic of the National Portrait Gallery’s unique image.

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