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Clydebank Town Hall - Clydebank

Over the years we’ve redecorated a variety of historical buildings with gusto, none more so than Clydebank’s remarkable town hall which stands as a focal point within the surrounding area’s cordial community. Given a 1 year deadline we quickly got to work on planning out the best course of action for carrying out this project in a professional and efficient manner, working closely with local public bodies to map out a seamless workflow that left the general day-to-day activities within the town hall undisturbed when and where possible.

This complete redecoration seen us work on some of the town hall’s most prolific rooms where historic preservation was key, such as the spectacular main hall which features an abundance of significant intricacies like the murals which span across the arching ceiling. Throughout the interior of the town hall we used a series of premium decorating materials which perfectly encapsulated the remarkable setting; highlighting vital features while using subtle undertones to blend the remaining decor seamlessly with the already present furnishings.

Alongside the interior we were also tasked with the challenge of further modernizing the exterior of the town hall; painting the exterior doors, bollards and railing as well as the window frames in a clean black finish while sanding down the surrounding pillars and brickwork to highlight the architecture’s impressive image. The resulting culmination was a job handled with complete care and one that breathed life back in to a vital part of the Clydebank community.

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